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Salvation - three tenses?

Romans: What an interesting study!

Chuck Missler has a great commentary on this book!

He delineates Salvation to have three tenses past, present, future. This helps me to understand much more about Heaven and living here on Earth.

Past tense: Justification- Christ paid for Sin, All Sin. His Provision, Through His blood, covers all those who A-admit they are sinners in need, B-believe that He is The Only Begotten Son of God, C-confess Him as Lord of their lives.

Present tense: Sanctification - The Holy Spirit enters us at the time of confessing Christ. The Third Person of the Trinity, The Holy Sphives the Power over Sin. This enables us to not sin.

Future tense: Glorification- Out of the Presence of Sin!! When we are with God. What a wonderful time that will be! Of course, we cannot fathom what that will be like til we are with God.

Sanctification is our time to "work" out our faith! Choosing to not sin; Choosing to grow more like Jesus. I believe this is our time to determine our position in Heaven.

faith service growth Discipleship...

What are your thoughts?


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