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SS Lesson:

The Gospel Project: Unit 22, Session 2

Jesus Heals a Woman and Raises a Girl. Mark 5

Point 2: Trust in Jesus' Power to remove the Shame of Impurity. Mark 5:30-34

Thinking about Impurity, were women the only people that were impure? No. In Leviticus 15, we learn that men could be impure and unclean. And both went about the same process to be cleansed.

In Ezra 9:11 we read that land and nations can be unclean. What would make land unclean? The people and their abominations.

Think about that ... the sins of the people; the people make up the nation.

Mark 5 says that Jesus was being touched but diverse people because of the crowd. Ever been to a concert where they have festival seating? I have and I know the experience of being pressed almost crushed by the crowd.

So my point: all those people touching Jesus were impure, may not have had "an issue of blood" but all had sin. One fought her way to Him for healing, upon reaching and touching His garment Her Faith in Jesus healed her.

Dear Father increase my Faith, and convict my heart to run only after Jesus!

Today's Hymn:

What a blessing to sing about Jesus in the night...


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