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SS Lesson: An Ungrateful People. Numbers 21

The Gospel Project. Lifeway. Unit 6; Session 3. Session Points: 1- The Lord's people sin, despite His gracious provision. Numbers 21:1-5 2- The Lord's people are disciplined, drawing them toward repentance. Numbers 21:6-7a 3- The Lord's prophet intercedes, prompting the means of healing. Numbers 21:7b-9 Gratitude This passage is spoken of by Jesus in John 3. While Jesus is talking to Nicodemus about being born again Jesus draws an example of prophetic text from Numbers 21. In this Old Testament text, the Israelites are complaining and grumbling again due to their dissatisfaction with what they have and their impatience on the journey. The LORD sends venomous snakes to bite them and many die. They admit their sin and Moses, their advocte, prays to the LORD to take away the snakes. God commands Moses to create a Bronze Serpent and place it on a pole; it will heal those bitten who look upon it. But doesn't say He took away all the snakes. In the Old Testament Prophets and Priest interceded for us before the LORD. They were dedicated but imperfect, sinful humans. The New Testament brings Jesus Christ. Praise God, Christ is our PERFECT ADVOCATE! He is without sin...100% God and 100% man. Continue reading John 3 and you will see that Christ didn't condemn us, we were already condemned due to Adam's sin. Verse 17, " For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." Christ was our PERFECT Sacrifice, He was hung on the cross, gave up His life so those who (anyone and everyone) look to Him will be saved. Lift up you eyes to the ONE Who died for us and find salvation. With His Resurrection we who put our Faith in Christ will have Everlasting Life!💖


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