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Anoited: King David

I Samuel 16

Matthew 28: 18-20

Mark 16: 15 - 18

Just as David was anointed and then became a servant to King Saul; once we have accepted Christ, receiving salvation, we are commanded to serve our King.

Matthew 28, King Jesus:

- a CLAIM: "All Authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth."

- a COMMAND: "Go ... make disciples ... baptizing... teach ..."

- a COVENANT: " ... Lo I am with you ..."

Mark 16, King Jesus:


signs of those who believe: cast out demons, tongues, etc.."

I can't say all of these signs have followed me. I can say, I am a believer in Christ Jesus and have prayed for healing and seen others heales. I have used my hands and feet to serve Christ in performing ordinary tasks that help others, I have experienced His Peace and Comfort in difficult situations!

Serving in His Name in the unimpressive, ordinary tasks of life honors King Jesus. Are you seeking to Honor and Serve The King?



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