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Discovering God's Eternal  Love and Care.

Welcome to Enduring Mercy, a unique blog chronicling my Growth Journey with Christ. Enduring Mercy gives me an opportunity to share my experiences of God's Enduring Mercy.  I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with readers. I welcome your thoughts.

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Jesus Prepares His Disciples. John 20 Points: The Risen Savior: 1-brings His Disciples Peace and Joy. vs19-20 2-gives His Disciples a...


-The Gospel Project, Unit 27, Session 2 Jesus Encounters Two Disciples. Luke 24 Points: The Risen Savior: -Confronts Discouragement and...


The Gospel Project, Unit 26, Session 4 Jesus is Arrested. Mark 14 Points - Jesus Affirms: 1-the Will of the Father. Mark 14: 32- 36...

SS LESSON - The Gospel Project

Jesus Raises Lazarus. John 11 Point 1: Jesus has Authority over the Curse of Death. Point 2: Jesus Grieves the Curse of Death. Point 3:...


The Gospel Project: Unit 25, Session 3 Jesus Teaches Difficult Truths. John 6 Points: Jesus Shares Words of: 1-Life. John, 6:52-59 2-the...

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