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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Biblical Study of those EXILED:

Mom, was just ripped out of her home and placed in an Assisted Living Facility. Well, that is how she views it (in my estimation). And as I talk with her and try to encourage her I only can imagine how she feels. She is away from her home and all her familiar paths, the driving to Kroger, to church, to caring for Dad. Calling and visiting her niece and sister. Having lunch with friends. No car. Dependent on others to drive her to doctors, church, out. No familiar purpose for the day. Like being dropped in a totally foreign land…EXILED!

Exiled, that is the word that keeps coming to mind. That is the word I dreamt about thinking of her.


I will start my study with Jonah:

His name means: Dove

Minor Prophet, Book of Jonah, Old Testament Holy Bible, four short chapters

And one BIG Sea-Creature…maybe a Whale!

An egret standing on a rock in water.  A LONE.
Just me, alone on this rock.

#keepingthefaith #dealingwithtragedy #faith


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