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Working on the reBuild, step 1

Based on the Biblical book of Nehemiah and the study guide by O.S.Hawkins The Nehemiah Code

Chapter 1

When Nehemiah was told about the condition of Jerusalem, he sat down and wept. For days he fasted, prayed and raised petitions to God in Heaven.

This is counter to my personality, let's get to work to "fix it"! Mr. Hawkins explains the need to resist that desire and knee jerk reaction.

Better to make a realistic evaluation of circumstances. He uses three terms:

Superficial Optimist="wishful thinking", "put positive spin on difficult situation, often pretending a problem doesn't exist."

Busy Optimist="admit problem, but they attack it by trying to get everyone around them to be busy as they can."

Neither of these approaches address real solutions, because there has been no real evaluation of circumstances.

The approach to take:

Honest Optimist="make honest evaluation", "courage to face root problems and deal with them directly. " Strength, patience, wisdom, understanding to address issues

Taking this approach as I work at CWJC-GP (Christian Women's Job Corps Grand Prairie) and on my JOYTHRIFT.COM projects. First I am going to:


sit down

weep and mourn and seek God

fast and pray

I am petitioning my Heavenly Father for PASSION!


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