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The Gospel Project: Unit 20, Session 4

Jesus Calls His Disciples. Luke 5 & 6

Point 1: Jesus calls His disciples to trust His leading. Like 5:3-7

Peter was a fisherman. He was knowledgeable, skilled, seasoned at his craft. Jesus was a carpenter by trade.

Why did Jesus have them "go fishing" after His teaching the multitude?

I think Jesus had several lessons here:

-Master of Nature

-Concern for those around Him: 1-assist Peter and his partners to make a living, 2-perhaps also to care for the crowd (it doesn't say they fed the crowd but maybe they did), 3-Impress upon Peter the Greatness of Who Christ is, 4-an object will fish for men.

Quarterly question:

In what ways have you experienced God's call to trust Him when the conventional wisdom of the world would say otherwise?

How do we distinguish our own voice from God's?

The lesson encourages us to remember Scriptural examples such as Noah, Abraham. Joseph, I will add Daniel, Ruth, Mary (His mother), etc.

When they walked in relationship with God, He directed their paths and they were in His Will. So they didn't have to worry about which path.

When they decided to "help" God they got off TRU. But our Loving Father dealt with it, and brought them back. Of course not all of them got off the path. ie Ruth, Mary and Daniel.

What are your struggles to stay on God's path. Are you like me; I try running ahead and trail blaze?


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