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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project, Unit 20, Session 2

Jesus is Tempted. Luke 4

Point 2: The Son of God is tempted to pursue His Reign apart from the Father's plan. Luke 4: 5-8

Satan tells Christ he will give all the kingdoms and their glory to Him if He will worship him.

Satan does have authority over the Earth now. Jesus will in the future, He will rule the Earth one day. So the devil is offering a shortcut. Why wait on God's Way, and all the suffering?! Do it my way and have it now...pain free.

Have you ever heard that?

Jesus knew why He was on Earth. He knew it was about providing the Sacrifice to redeem the lost. Praise God, He choose to honor the Father's plan and stand in for us! He took the difficult path, but the one that we needed.

We often choose the shortcut, and not the more difficult path. Praise God for his Mercy and Grace.

Our desires lead us to sin when we circumvent God's plan, His Laws and Precepts for the instant gratification.

Essential Doctrine...

Jesus is our example. I love that He didn't argue or debate with the devil. He simple stated TRUTH, God's Word and moved on.

Let's follow Christ's example, being filled with the Holy Ghost let's trust God's Character and live by His Word.


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