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The Gospel Project: Unit 20, Session 2

Jesus is Tempted. Luke 4

Point 3: The Son of God is tempted to test His Father's promise of protection. Luke 4: 9-13

A side: I John 2:15-17 speaks about three areas of temptation:

Flesh. Sight/vision, Pride

On the third question I see Satan as trying to get to Christ through pride...Satan's own downfall!

The devil says. "If you are..." and then aren't You to be protected?

Challenging who Christ was...But:

1-Jesus was secure in His Identity .

2-Jesus was secure in the Father's Identity!

Jesus trusted God the Father, He knows Him intimately and relies on His Character.

Another example from God's Word is in Genesis 39. Joseph, our friend, has been sold into slavery. But The Lord is with him and Joseph continues to work as unto the Lord. He is promoted, but then thrown into prison when his bosses wife comes onto him. What did Joseph do? He didn't debate, or try to convince her this wasn't a good idea. NO...he RAN.

Just like we should do, just like Christ did! We should run to The Lover of our Souls; our Lord and Father.

Just like Jesus and Joseph knew God's Character and that He is Worthy of Trust. We should follow their example.

What are some thing that help you trust God's Character even when you can't see it understand His plan?


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