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The Gospel Project: Unit 20. Session 3

John Points to Jesus. John 1 and 3

Point 1: Jesus is The Lamb Who takes away the SIN of the world. John 1:29-34

First, just a short note about John's book. He wrote it several years after Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Thesis: chapter 20:30 & 31- "And truly Jesus did many other signs...written that you may believe...have Life in His Name."

John wrote to supplement the three, and his point, to prove that Jesus Christ is the Unique Son of God. His first proof is 1:1 The Word was in the beginning, the Word was with God and was God...

John gives seven sign/miracles Jesus performs. He gives confirmation of who Jesus is with O.T. scripture, vs 32 Holy Spirit as a Dove, and a foretelling given to him by He Who sent John vs 33.

John announced Jesus:

-Lamb of God


-Spirit rests upon Him

-unique Son of God

"How does the Old Testament sacrificial system help us understand the penalty of sin and the necessity of Jesus' death?"

John 's Ministry was there in Judea (South) where the "religious intellectuals " were. They certainly understood the atonement that the OT's lamb provided. It was temporary and incomplete.

Essential Doctrine:


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