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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project: Unit 20, Session 4

Jesus calls His Disciples. Luke 5 & 6

Point 2: Jesus calls His Disciples to Fish for People. Luke 5: 8-11

Jesus drops into Peter's life, at work, one day. Christ is preach the Scripture and ask Peter to allow Him to get into the boat.

Remember Nabal and Abigail, I Samuel 25. David stopped in for supplies and nourishment, for he and his men. I keep thinking and contrasting the two men's responses.

Nabal lost his blessing and his life. Peter found his!

My Serendipity Study Bible ask, "If you had been Simon Peter when Jesus asked him to, 'Put out into deep water and let down the nets for a catch', what would you have done?"

What will you do?

I woke up to this hymn:


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