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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project: Unit 20, Session

Jesus call His Disciples. Luke 5 & 6

Point 3: Jesus calls His Disciples to invite sinners to repent. Luke 5: 27-32

Matthew, Levi as our scripture begins, is a tax collector and way down on the scale of desirable professions!

You may remember many times they charged people above their actual tax amount to pad their own pockets.

But Christ called Matthew to follow, and he did. Right away it says Matthew threw a party/dinner for his friends, fellow tax collectors and others. Of course Jesus and His Followers were criticized for mingling with "those people".

Are there people we don't share Jesus with because we fear being criticized?

Jesus ask us to "follow Him", that means to come into relationship with Him. Disciples would actually leave work, home, all that was familiar and follow Christ. Learning His Teaching, His Ways, all about Him so they could be Like Him.

Which is more important:




Essential Doctrine:


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