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The Gospel Project: Unit 21, Session 1

Jesus Reveals His Power. Mark 1

Point 1: Jesus Reveals His Powe. Mark 1:21-28

Essential Doctrine:

Jesus rebuked a man who had a spirit. The spirit had cried out calling Him, "the Holy One of God". Why do you think He didn't want to be called that at that time?

Jesus was always aware of the timing of events. It wasn't the Time to announce His Godly Identity. And I think He wanted each individual to figure it out own their own. Not to be enraptured by the public mob; but to look within as they heard His Teachings, let it work in his/her heart.

Quarterly question:

What makes someone recognizable and believable as an authority? On a subject? Over our lives, actions, behaviors?

Hymn for today:


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