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The Gospel Project

Lesson-Jesus is Dedicated.

Point 3: Jesus is exalted as the One to bring redemption. (Luke 2: 33 - 38)

Continue our study with the two witnesses: Simeon and Anna.

Simeon's Song, "Nunc Dimittus", Luke 2: 29 - 32, Latin meaning "now you let depart".

His song captures prophecy about The Messiah and a sobering reality of His Life. Simeon brings God's previous Words into view and ties them to the present.

Anna's words bring personal relationship, Worship, praise and Hope for Redemption!

Both are necessary and I love how God used both genders to send His Message.

Reading: Isaiah 8 and Hosea 14

As we read Hosea, we are reminder of the relationship between Hosea and Homer. Her adulterous habits, and Hosea's continued love for her. And his redemption of her.

Idols, backslide, fear of current events, cold hearts...

Homer and Hosea

Israelites and God

Myself and Jesus


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