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SS Lesson:

The Gospel Project: Unit 21, Session 2

Jesus Reveals His Mission. Luke 4

Point 2: Jesus Predicts He would be Rejected like the Prophets. Luke 4:23-27

Jesus just finished telling them that the Spirit of the Lord was on him,

-that He is anointed

-He is preaching the gospel


-proclaiming liberty

-reovering the sight of the blind

-giving liberty to those oppressed, to captives..

Quoting Isaiah they understood He was demonstrating that He fulfills Scripture. Then He says, "Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing."

Elijah-rejected by his people-took salvation to a gentile woman during famine.

Elisha-rejected by his people-took healing to a gentile man, Naaman, the leper.

What was Jesus telling His fellow citizens?

Has my house, my city, my state, my country Rejected Chrst?

Today's Hymn:

One way to know that you are God's, He will pursue you! He gets into my dreams, for me anyway, is to wake up singing a hymn. Today it was Jesus is Calling..O' sinner come home. The Holy Spirit can always touch my heart, He can easily Correct me through song. So I arose, kneeled, confessed, repented, released myself to God.

When I get "too busy" for The Word, etc He finds me. What an AWESOME FATHER!


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