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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project: Unit 21, Session 3

Jesus Teaches about New Birth. John 3

Point 2: New Birth comes through Faith in the Son of God. John 3: 9-15

When one thinks about "expert" testimony, and "expert" witness; What are we thinking?

Do we really know why thet are "experts"?

Do we question their knowledge, really look at why should I rate their thoughts on this subject more than my own?

In this passage Jesus is questions Nicodemus' comments. He ask, You are a teacher and don't know?"

As a rabbi, Nicodemus should have recalled Old Testament scriptures speaking of the Spirit, Wind, bringing to life. ie. Ezekiel 37

Here was an "expert" who could not understand because he needed the Holy Spirit to bring understanding.

Do we accept Jesus's Testimony. Jesus is the Only One Who has lived in Heaven, Dwelt with The Father for eternity and came here as Witness and Savior.

"Our witness" Jesus says in verse 11.

Who is He speaking of?

I believe The Trinity, as well as The Old Testament authors...

Today's Hymn:


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