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The Gospel Project: Unir 22, Session 1

Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers. Luke 17

Point 1: infirmity leads to desperate cries to Jesus for Mercy. Luke 17:11-13

We studied how Jesus had healed a leper in our last quarterly. If you remember it was an incurable disease, at the time. It was spread by getting to close to an infected person and was spread through the nose. The awful part was the deadening of pain/feeling which lead to extremities being injured and then rotting off.

A perfect picture of sin in our lives: not aware of it, become numb to it, then our relationship to God starts rotting away.

But when we become aware; does that cause us to cry out to Our Lord for help, forgiveness, cleansing? I hope so!

Doesn't physical illness do the same? When we see we have little if any power to heal ourselves Christ wants us to cry out to Him for comfort, healing, RELATIONSHIP!

Do you want to handle these things on your own? Heal yourself. Clean yourself up then seek Christ. It hasn't worked for me. And it is so sweet to come to Jesus for His True Healing.

Today's Hymn:


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