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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project, Unit 19, Session 5

Jesus at the Temple: Luke 2: 40-52

Point 1 - Jesus demonstrates Wisdom in God's Law. Luke 2:40-47

As Baptist we believe the Jesus is 100% man and also 100% God.

Why is it important for Luke to tell us that Jesus grew, and became strong, and was filled with Wisdom, and God's Grace was upon Him?

I think it is to show us that normal human growth happens. But we have to "purposefully" feed our minds and spirits with God's Word for Wisdom and Grace to increase in ourselves. When we enter into relationship with Christ, this begins our journey to learn more, grow in Wisdom, and to experience more of God's Grace.

As a young person Jesus made opportunities to study, read, discuss God's Word. Jesus made His Father's purpose for His Life a priority.

How do we prioritize God's purpose for our lives?


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