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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project: Unit 22, Session 2

Jesus Heals a Woman and Raises a Girl. Mark 5

Point 3: Trust in Jesus' Power to Remove the Curse of Death. Mark 5: 35-42

This account doesn't give the names of the father or daughter. But I find it intriguing that Mark refers to the father as, "the ruler of the synagogue".

I think it demonstrates that "religion" isn't going to heal us, it doesn't have the Power we need! And it certainly won't provide us with Life Eternal! We must have a "relationship" with Christ, it is His Power that heals:



And Brings LIFE.

Religion serves as a vehicle to express our faith, gather in community, and serve others. But Healing, Salvation, Life come only through Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Essential Doctrine:

What are some ways the Resurrection Power of Jesus has worked in you? Let's take a few minutes th Praise Him!

Today's Hymn:

Today's hymn comes at a time when we are being challenged on numerous fronts. Constant strife comes into our homes through the TV, Radio, Smartphone. It can dry up our Joy.

Let's sing for a renewal, a refreshed FLAME!


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