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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project: Unit 22, Session 4

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind. John 9

Point 1: Jesus Came to be Light in the Darkness. John 9: 1-7

Quarterly question: Why are we prone to connect all suffering to sin?

We are raised on "conditions" if you do this, you get that. We carry it over to other areas of our lives and unfortunately into our "religious beliefs".

As this man was living in darkness, we do likewise. That is until we enter into relationship with Christ! Then we have The Light of the World as our Savior, Friend, Healer!

I have posted Jesus' "I am" statement just prior to this post. Read over those, let them soak into your being!

Pick one of those "I Am" statements and Praise Him, repeat it and Worship Him for it!

Christ left Heaven, walked through this dark world, died on the cross and arose from the Dead for you, for me, for the whole of mankind!

Today's Hymn:

Love this hymn and always need the encouragement to OBEY GOD!


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