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THE GOSPEL PROJECT: Unit 23, Session 2

Point 3: Being Jesus' Disciple requires a Costly Commitment. Luke 14:28-35

Driving through Grand Prairie my husband and I would see a small store front building being built. It was strange, looked as if the builder was only using leftovers from other jobs. It looked as if the builder didn't really have a plan for the building but just wanted to get rid of the materials. It was never rented and recently it has been given a new covering of bricks: all of the style and color.

And just like the Bible says, we "mocked" the builder.

Which makes me think about today's point, Am I giving my all, my best to Jesus? Or am I only giving Him the leftovers, junk I don't really have any need for or have any attachment to?

In the NKJV, verse 35 says, "...He who has ears to hear, let him [or her] hear!" Where else does Our Lord say this? Check out Revelation 2:7-3:22

Spoken in these Scriptures by Jesus with warning and/or promise.

Prayer: "Oh, Dear Jesus open my ears to Your Words and let me hold back nothing from You! Forgive me where I have, and from now on use all I have for your Glory and purpose! I have ears for hearing, let me hear and obey."

Today's Hymn is a Responsive Reading:

We used to do these frequently in days gone by. I wish we would again, like singing you find Biblical Truths that you can hide in you Heart!

The Christian view of Trouble.


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