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The Gospel Project: Unit 23, Session 3

Jesus Teaches about Prayer. Luke 11, 18

Point 1: Pray with Dependence on God. Luke 11:1-4 KJV

This version adds more thought to the passage. The version in our quarterly leaves out much. Why then do I share it?

Because when I read "Thy Will be done , as in heaven, so in earth." It makes me pause and think:

What is going on in heaven?

What is going on here on earth?

What is my part?

How can I make Earth more like Heaven?

In either version, really read the words, chew them up and meditate on them. Think. How am I bringing God's Will here on Earth?

Have I really forgiven everyone?

This is called the "Model" prayer. It is a thumbnail, not a passage to be recited day after day, with little thought.


-Bring Praise to God our Father,

He is Holy and deserves our Praise

-HIS KINGDOM, we are part of His Kingdom, we are here to help build it

- HIS WILL should be sought, not I want and You give me. Help me bring about Your Will on Earth. Remember Jesus' prayer in the garden, Mark 14:36

-my needs are mentioned but the needs of others are also

-forgiveness of sins, as well as me forgiving all others

-deliverence from our own weaknesses James 1:12+

Today's Hymn:


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