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The Gospel Project: Unit 23, Session 4

Jesus Teaches about Treasure. Luke 12

Point 1: Be Rich toward God. Luke 12:15-21

Is it a "sin" to be rich? Is one who is "poor" closer to God?

We could answer yes or no, to both of these questions.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus moves sin from an action, to the heart/mind. After the Beatitudes in chapter five, which were given to Christ's disciples others may have heard but He was teaching His disciples, in verses 21 - 30 Christ's brings sin into a private personal level. Who can say they have not been angry with someone. Sure, you probably had your reason(s); but six months later how did you look back on the situation? I find many times I am at blame too. Or I have over reacted. Most often, I am ashamed of myself.

Here in Luke 12, Christ is drilling down to the Heart. What is money to me? Does it replace God? Does it give me assurance that I can provide for myself?

It isn't so much what we have; but how tightly we are holding on to it!

Today's Hymn:


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