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The Gospel Project, Unit 23, Session 5

Jesus Teaches About the Good Shepherd, John 10

Point 1: Jesus is the Gate that Leads to Abundant Life. John 10:7-10

My NKJV Holy Bible, Editor W.A.Criswell gives a really good visual note about shepherds and their flocks gate/door. At night the shepherd would lay in the door way...actually becoming the door.

In John's Gospel there are SEVEN ,"I AM" statements. "I AM The Door" is the third.

Here in these vs Christ demonstrates His Love and Care by contrasting Himself with the "thief".

Who is the thief ?

Christ also says He gives Abundant Life. How do we have this life now? Let's say during COVID 19?

Today's Hymn:

Not familiar with this tune? Here it on YouTube @


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