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The Gospel Project: Unit 24, Session 1

Jesus Cast out Demons. Luke 8

Point 2: The People Fear the Son of God's Authority. Luke 8:34-37


I hate spiders! I feel my heart stop when I see one and I hold my breath. I have to take control of my thoughts, talk myself down and decide to leave it or squash it!

Outside I generally walk away but in the house...the bell tolls for the spider. 😏

Fear is a gift from our Creator, our Heavenly Father. It helps us escape danger, drives us to reconsider an action. We need fear.

In this passage, we see a sad response to fear. A knee jerk reaction, causes this whole community to lose Healing, to lose a Blessed Time with the Savior, to waste an opportunity to PRAISE!

Sadly, I have allowed fear to steal these from my life as well...times when I know the Holy Spirit was nudging me to share with someone, or to take a step of faith with Him.

Let's pray for each other to allow the Holy Spirit to bring us through times of fear, to the place of Praise!

Today's Hymn:


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