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The Gospe Project, Unit 24, Session 4

Jesus Is Transfigured. Matthew 17

Point 1: Experiencing The Son of God's Glory.

Essential Doctrine: God's GLORY

If we don't literally glow like Moses, how are we Light?

We can refer back to Exodus 34:29+, where Moses' face glowed after being on the mountain with God. Some say that it was when his face began to fade Moses would cover his face.

We being light is mentioned a lot in the Bible!

Matthew 5:14, John 8:12, II Corinthians 4, Ephesians 5:8

I was very interested when I learned that humans give off light, my first thought was Jesus is The Light of the World! Wow, once again proving the Holy Bible is Truth.

Then, I thought that must be why they say pregnant women glow; they actually have two light-sources within them!

One Essay:

Today's Hymn:


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