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Unit 25, Session 1

Jesus Tells Kingdom Parables. Matthew 13

A study of three Parables. What is a parable? In SS they taught us Parables are Earthly Stories with Heavenly Meanings!

Let's consider the Parable of Soils. Matthew 13:1-9

Point 1- Word of the Kingdom of Heaven will be shown on different types of soil.

1 - hard trodden down soil

2 - rocky ground, shallow soil

3 - weedy soil, chokes growth

4 - good soil, produces

As we sow The Word, The Gospel, we can only guess what "soil" makes up a person's heart. Too often, we think we know who with accept Christ. Or worse, we decide who "is too far gone". We make judgments about the hearts of others!

When Samuel was sent to choose the next King from Jesse's sons he received this command, "Do not look at the appearance...For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." Ex 16:7

Let's heed that command! Let's tell everyone about Jesus! Because no matter the soil type Our Heavenly Father is able to create the Harvest. We may think, Holy Spirit you have a rocky soil to hoe; remember He tilled your heart!♥️🙏

Jesus full of Grace and Love explained this parable to the disciples. Today, He left us with The Holy Spirit. John 16

Jesus still full of Grace and Love has the Holy Spirit teaching us, convicting us, deweeding our soil and bringing us into the very Image of CHRIST!

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