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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project: Unit 19 - Session 5

Jesus at the Temple. Luke 2: 40 - 52

Point 3: Jesus increases in Favor with God and with people. Luke 2: 51, 52

I love how God tells us about the "mundane" parts of life. Jesus understands He is on God's Mission. He returns home and is obedient to his parents. (Exodus 20:12)

I have a hard time waiting on the Lord and living in His Time. My habit is to run ahead and try to hurry Him along! 😏

Our literature brings out a good point, Mary didn't understand all that Jesus said but she kept it and thought about it. We may not [will not] either but let's keep His Word in our hearts and ponder them.

Our Essential Doctrine : Jesus 100% God and 100% man.

We aren't told everything or every step of Jesus. God gave us what He deemed important and certainly enough for us to ponder!


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