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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project, Unit 20 - Session 2

Jesus is Baptized, Matthew 3

Background Mark 1, Luke 3

Point 1: The Son's herald calls for repentance and baptism. Matthew 3: 1-6

John the Baptist was calling people, Jews to repent and be cleansed. The water being symbolic of the individual's desire to wash off the past way of thinking and behaving.

The quarterly gives this illustration:

You dress for work and determine you look good and off you go. When you get to work, with different light you see that your shirt has a stain.

What has changed?

The light.

When we get saved by Jesus, we get The Light!

This New Light, His Word and the Indwelling of the Holy Ghost, shows us our "stains".

What are we to do with this New Knowledge?


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