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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project, Unit 20 - Lesson 1

Jesus is Baptized. Matthew 3

Point 2: The Son's herald calls for the fruit of repentance. Matthew 3: 7 - 12

What are some examples of "fruit consistent with repentance"?

In your own walk with Christ think about some behavior that changed within you?

-Did you change instantly or was there a lot of praying for strength, and courage?

-Change isn't always about stopping something. Many times it is about developing new behaviors and habits.

Often we feel pressure "to do (or not do) something" so others can see we love Jesus. Always keep Pleasing Jesus at the forefront.

True fruit comes from a repentant heart!♥️

The quarterly says, "A transformed heart is the beginning...out of that comes repentance, confession, and transformed actions.

One of our first " fruits" as a new Christian is to follow Christ in baptism.

Here is an Essential Doctrine...


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