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The Gospel Project: Unit 20, Session 2

Jesus is Tempted. Luke 4

Point 1: The Son of God is tempted to use His power for His own needs. Luke 4: 1-4

"The devil tempted Jesus three times, but Jesus the Word of God..."

Trials and temptations are a part of this Fallen World.

-Are they "bad"?

-Isn't it a sin to be tempted?

Luke 4:1 says Jesus was "led by the Spirit into the wilderness".

And if you read James 1:12-20:

Temptation is about an individual's desires.

I look at Trials & Temptations in this manner:

The Holy Spiri will lead me into and through Trials.

My own desires, tempt me to have it my way; rather than looking to Jesus and holding fast to the desire to Gorify God.

So it is a matter of what I do with both, that determines whether I Glorify God or "miss the mark"= sin.

Our quarterly makes a good point with the question: How should the belief that God may lead us into trial change the way we respond to them?

Here is our Essential Doctrine:


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