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SS Lesson: An Unfaithful Prophet. Numbers 20

The Gospel Project. Lifeway. Unit 6; Session 2. Pt.1: Unfaithfulness leads to a pattern of sin. (verses 1-5) Pt.2: Unfaithfulness results from a failure to trust God. (verses 6-11) Pt.3: Unfaithfulness brings the judgment of Holy God. (verses 12-29) Patterns of sin or let's call them behavior patterns. What behavior patterns can you see in your own life, and how do those affect your faith? Once we identify our behavior patterns, both negative & positive, it is our responsibility to develop those that bring us closer to Christ and to eliminate those drawing us back to living defeated, fleshly, sinful, complaining lives. When we find ourselves in situations that create stress, pain, the Israelites did, how do we respond: -by seeking the Lord and His counsel? -complaining, blaming others? -allowing the situation to regress us back to our lives before we knew Christ? No one gets it right 100%! I am committing to STOP! S=stop to P=pray The most frequently stated command in the Bible, "Do not be afraid." Remember God's command: "Be strong and very courageous!..." Joshua 1:6, 7, 9 Essential Doctrine: Today's Hymn:


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