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SS Lesson- Easter Sonday!

The Gospel Project - Alive with Christ

I Corinthians 15

Point 3: The Result of Christ's Resurrection. I Corinthians 15: 20-22

Our quarterly discusses "first fruits" stating that God does accept offerings of the best of the harvest! ( That reminded me of Cain - and how his heart was the problem. )

The "heart". What state is your heart in? See if Psalm 139 won't encourage it!

So Adam fell. He was the "first man", his actions created our firstfruit... death=separation from God.

God knew what was to happen and had already set into motion our Salvation.

Christ, God-man" His actions "firstfruit" Salvation=eternal life. We will always be with our Lord!

The picture below gives the blank fill-ins:

Our Essential Doctrine:

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Thank you for posting the lessons. I've enjoyed reading them!

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