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SS Lesson - Easter Sunday

The Gospel Project: Alive With Christ! I Corinthians 15

Point 2: The Power of Christ's Resurrection. I Cor. 15: 8-11

Paul had been a Zealous Pharisee, obeying the Jewish Laws and persecuting the Church, those followers of Christ. One day on Paul's way to Damascus Christ visited Paul. On that day, Paul received Salvation!

Salvation didn't come to Paul because he was "good".

He wasn't denied Salvation because he was "bad".

Salvation came through GRACE - through the actions of Jesus Christ, His desire to Glory God and His Unconditional Love for us.

How about you? Are you "good" enough for Salvation?

Have you been to "bad" to receive Salvation?

In your Journey with Christ, do you struggle with this idea of being "good/bad"?

I do. Why is that? ...

Think about the world we live in; we are bred, surrounded by "conditions".

Paul challenges us in II Corinthians 10: 3-6 Put those thoughts into "captivity"! Under the Obedience of Christ!

Paul was encouraging the Corinthians that the Resurrection of Christ was Real and gives examples of the witnesses to Christ Resurrected, including his own encounter.

We will face the same discouragement at times and those around us will chide us and make comments that we are believing a lie. How can we give witness to the fact that we Know Christ is Risen?

We give witness to this by the change in ourselves; the change we have seen/experienced by having the Power of the Risen Savior in us! We can only tell what we know. Share how the Holy Spirit works in your life!


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