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SS Lesson

The Gospel Project:

Jesus Heals a Man at Bethesda. John 5

Point 1: A Hopeless Condition leads to Despair. John 5:2-7

Quarterly states, "We all know that feeling helpless...can lead to feeling hopeless..." The world is broken by sin.

What are some areas of life in which people may feel helpless?

COVID 19 brings much more isolation as singles, and non-communicative folks shelter-in-place. Take a few minutes to call someone, text or go "old school" and send a card.

If you are alone, or lonely call me...I would like to chat with you!

Think of someone you could bless with a call today!

Today's Hymn:

Read Ephesians 6 and put on that armor! We must be prepared for battle. We need to keep the longview...God is (We are) VICTORIOUS!

Pray without ceasing our sisters and brothers need us!


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