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The Gospel Project: Unit 22, Session 4

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind. John 9

Point 2: Jesus Came to do the Works of God. John 9: 29-33

In verses 3 and 4, Jesus says He is here to do the Works of God. Healing a person of blindness from birth was unheard of and shows Christ's creative and healing powers.

Once again the religious leaders grill the person who was healed. This time the man backs up Christ. Using the religious views...such as: God doesn't hear sinners. Coming to the logical conclusion: He is from God.

Have you had experiences that bring you to the logical conclusion: Christ is from God. Christ is God. How can you share that with others?

If we are Christ's hands and feet...How do we offer healing for those blind?

Today's Hymn:

Don't think I dreamed last night? So had to pick a hymn, this one is about Grace and goes along with My Utmost for His Highest reading for today.


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