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Jeremiah Study: Daring to Hope in an Unstable World.

Melissa Spoelstra. 2014. AbingdonPress.

Anyone living in the USA knows this has been a mind-blowing year! COVID: Death and Illness. Quarantines. Job lost and Remote Working. Presidential Election. This year wasn't anything new...the media poured out its constant cesspool of drama, negativity, propaganda, and out-and-out "fake" news to force their agenda on the American People.

And as if that wasn't enough my employer DCCCD is becoming Dallas College. The process, destroy the Community College structure and develop their new and improved four year structure. It may or may not prove to be a fantastic move for the people of Dallas. But I can say the process has been anything but respectful of "valued, longterm employees" or compassionate. In this process long-time friends and co-workers are being furloughed, processes and autonomy to complete one's job are undefined, and all employees are going to have to apply for a new position(job title).

I think my World qualifies as UNSTABLE! So Jeremiah is a perfect study for me now!

Week 1: Raising the White Flag: Surrender

After three weeks I finally finished week ONE. What was I reminded of? That America is now in a "post-Christian" era. I am not referring here to everyone being a Christian and looking through rose-colored glasses at our history. We have done some bad and we have done some good; like every human being and every other country. Jeremiah and Lamentations "show how God looks at a culture which knew Him and deliberately turns away." p11

How should this "deplorable, clinging to her God" react to her culture? Studying Jeremiah 15 brought three points to mind:

1-Pour out to God! He created us with emotions. We need to express these to Him. Since He knows our hearts and minds you should not be afraid to do this. He is a BIG AWESOME God and nothing I can say can surprise Him. I like to Free-Write or Speed-Write. I sit down and vomit out onto paper my feelings, angers, heartaches, etc. No spell checking, just writing. I have found myself waking in the wee hours pouring out hurts to God!

Once you have poured out, you must listen.

2-Quiet, listening and committing oneself to HEED the The Holy Spirit! As He points out error, places within myself I have given over to the world to satisfy, provide my needs and fulfill me. I must be ready and willing to Repent/Return/Abandon but not to go back to some past relationship with Christ but going up HIGHER!

3-Devour God's Word. Commit to daily studying His Word; study with the intent of changing me into His Likeness! Being His Hands and Feet.

Today's Hymn:


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