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The Gospel Project: Unit 25, Session 3

Jesus Teaches Difficult Truths. John 6

Points: Jesus Shares Words of:

1-Life. John, 6:52-59

2-the Spirit, John 6:60-65

3-Receives Words of Worship, John 6:66-69

Quarterly question: "Why do people find it offensive to hear that we don't have what it takes, [What it takes to gain Eternal Life] ?"

This is like all children getting a prize for attending, under the precept, "we can't have them feeling negatively about themselves." Reality bites! (I hope I can use that phrase.) 😲

Here our Loving Savior is sharing Truth. Truth that will change our eternity! Then He goes on to say that we cannot even understand this unless granted by our Heavenly Father!? vs.65

If I have Freewill and have to choose how can I if God doesn't Grant it? Seek Him, Seek Truth...the Spirit will teach you...

II Peter 3:9 says "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise...but is long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

Again, Freewill. What do you seek: Approval for your deeds and a magic wand to supply your wants?

Or do you seek Truth, and a willing Heart to accept Christ and allow Him to change you into His Image?

Just a note: Salvation is the first step, Discipleship is where the battle gets real and goes on till the death of this body.

We live in our flesh, our minds, which war against the Knowledge of God.

I have to live in II Corinthians 10:3-6!

And daily fall into the Loving Arms of our Heavenly Father, when I revert back to "my ways", ask forgiveness and dust off His Armor and return to battle. Ephesians 6:10+

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