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-The Gospel Project, Unit 27, Session 2

Jesus Encounters Two Disciples. Luke 24


The Risen Savior:

-Confronts Discouragement and Confusion. vs: 17-24

-Reveals He is the Focus of All Scripture. vs: 25-37

-Stirs Affections and Motivates Action. vs: 30-35

I find it amazing and just like our Loving Father to provide the message we need "right on time!"

Just as the Disciple of Christ had been "thrown for a loop", lost confidence and hope with His Crucifixion; many of us today feel confusion, demoralized with the conditions we face at work, within our culture. etc. But Our Loving Father is Right on time as usual.

Jesus walked along with His disciples, listened to their thoughts, fears, discouragement and addressed each issue. Taking them thru the Scripture expounded the Need for a Sacrifice and that the Messiah would first suffer and then enter into His Glory. vs 26

Christ helped them understand, and upon His Ascension, The Holy Spirit was given to us! The Third Person of the Trinity helps Truth Seekers to understand.

Essential Doctrine 1:

So followers of Christ don't have to have a PhD to understand God's Word. Going to university is good and anytime you study God's Word with the intent to draw closer to our Father, learn more of His Truth, and allow it to sink in to change you is wonderful. Structured education in God's Word should help you in structuring a defense of your faith, and a variety of practical ways to share God's Word, His Love, His Sacrifice.

The Holy Spirit, it is He who enables all of us to understand. Offering the same privilege to all, to study God'sTruth! As II Timothy 2:15, KJV states, "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a worker that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing The Word of Truth." Dividing means you have understanding, you can bring other supportive Scripture to support your point and you can bring up Scripture to oppose untruths. But this is work and takes time and the World keeps us busy.

Let's commit to taking time to study The Most Important Word of our lives!

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