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Jesus Prepares His Disciples. John 20

Points: The Risen Savior:

1-brings His Disciples Peace and Joy. vs19-20

2-gives His Disciples a Mission. vs21-23

3-calls His Disciples to Great Faith. vs 24-29

Fear and distress...thinking Christ dead.

Their world turned upside down. Fools to believe and follow Jesus, now crucified. Would they be hunted down and crucified? The hostile world around them creates more fear, they hide behind locked doors. No hope.

How did men and women like this build the Christian Church?

An encounter with the Ressurrected Christ! Once each had a personal encounter with Christ they were changed! Excitement, desire to tell the Good News! They knew Christ Liveth and was Victorious over Death. Hope restored, The Holy Spirit entered them and brought His Boldness, Assurance, Power.

Those are the men and women that built on Christ Foundation of the Church!

I am praying for that same empowerment, boldness, and excitement to take the Gospel to my contemporary world which is upside down!

Essential Doctrine:

Evangelism/ Church Mission:

Evangelism the Lord's command to preach the Gospel to ALL Nations. To win the lost.

Today's Hymn:


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