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The Gospel Project, Unit 26, Session 4

Jesus is Arrested. Mark 14

Points - Jesus Affirms:

1-the Will of the Father. Mark 14: 32- 36

Jesus knows why He is on Earth and His Mission on Earth: to die an agonizing death to Atone for Sin, The Sin of the world. This is the Will of The Father.

Christ prays, lays out His request but says, "Not My Will but Thy Will." The God-Man yields His Life for me, for you.

Even in His Walk to Dealth, of His Body, He leads by will must be subjugated to God's.

Points - Jesus Affirms

2-the Plan Foretold in Scripture. 14:53-49

3-His Identity as Messiah. 14:53, 60-64

Jesus gave responses that came straight out of Scripture, and His accusers would have recognized the references. For example, I AM. This is what The LORD God Almighty said to Moses in Exodus 3, What shall I call You when I tell the Children of Israel You have sent me to deliver them? God said, "I AM WHO I AM...I AM has sent me..." 3:14

His next statement from Daniel 7, when The Ancient Of Days will give Him: Dominion, Glory, and His Kingdom.

Of course, this was recognized by the religious leaders and sent them into their drama regarding blasphemy, etc.

Essential Doctrine: this lesson has two:

How does this Lesson demonstrate God's Unchanging LOVE for us and His Desire to commune with us? Genesis 3:8, John 3, Revelation 21:3, 4

Our Loving God has a plan to dwell with His People once again!

Today's Hymn: Matthew 17:20, 21 Pray and Fast for an increase...


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