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SS LESSON - The Gospel Project

Unit 26, Session 1

Jesus Enters Jerusalem. Luke 19

Points: Jesus is the Messiah:

-who receives praise from His people. Luke 19:35-40

-who weeps for His people. Luke 19:41-44

-who restores True Worship through His people. Luke 19:45-46

Essential Doctrine:

Worship: The aim and focus of Worship is GOD, and giving HIM the exact due of praise and worship that HE deserves.

Corporate worship serves to edify and strengthen other Christians, [as well as oneself] but it is also a witness to non-believers of the GREATNESS of GOD.


In this passage: His disciples and the people, praised and worshiped Jesus as He entered Jerusalem on the donkey's back. Singing from Psalms 118 (verse 26) at this the Pharisees told Christ to rebuke them and Christ responded, saying if they don't praise Me the stones will cry out MY Praises! Now jump over to I Peter 2, there Christ is the Chief Cornerstone and we are His LIVING STONES!

Should we not, therefore, sing His Praises?!

We are to be His House - His Temple. The actual Temple is gone, there is no more building to be the House of the Lord. With His death, burial, resurrection and the impartation of the HOLY SPIRIT (to those who believe Acts 2:38) we are His Temple. As is related in I Corinthians 3:16, "Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?" Let's Glorify God and Worship God!

Today's Hymn: I am repeating one because it has been running over and over in my spirit.


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